Research Papers Using Goeppert’s Technology

Invited Article & Cover Art for March 2020 Issue: Detection of single analyte and environmental samples with silicon nitride nanopores: Antarctic dirt particulates and DNA in artificial seawater, David J. NiedzwieckiYung-Chien ChouZehui XiaFederico Thei and Marija Drndić, Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 031301 (2020). 

AIP Scilight:

Accelerated by Goeppert’s nanochannel chips: 60-100 nm diameter SiN, 100-nm-thick: Translocation of soft phytoglycogen nanoparticles through solid-state nanochannels, W. R. Lenart, W. Kong, W. C. Oltjena, M. J. A. Hore, J. of Mat. Chem. B, 41, (2019).!divAbstract

Goeppert’s SiN pores featured by Dekker lab in “Nanopores–a Versatile Tool to Study Protein Dynamics” by Sonja Schmid & Cees Dekker – arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.07399, 2020.

Exciting work from Dekker lab at Delft University of Technology on trapping proteins using a DNA-origami sphere (shown as a big red ball) and a solid-state nanopore. This “NEOtrap” was facilitated also by Goeppert’s 20-nm-thick SiN chips (

Link to paper:

Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) that regulate selective transport between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Study facilitated by Goeppert’s products. Published in Nature Communications 2021, by researchers in Netherlands and Sweden. Accelerating science together. Link to paper:

Goeppert cited for its advance in solid state nanopore sensors.

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