Goeppert’s publications

  • Protein-enabled detection of ibuprofen and sulfamethoxazole using solid-state nanopores, Zehui Xia, Chih-Yuan Lin, Marija Drndić, Proteomics, 2100071, 2022.
  • Single-Stranded DNA Translocation Recordings Through Solid-State Nanopores on Glass Chips at 10-MHz Measurement Bandwidth, Chien Chen-Chi, Siddharth Shekar, David J. Niedzwiecki, Kenneth L. Shepard, Marija Drndić, ACS Nano 13 (9), 10545, 2019. DOI:10.1021/acsnano.9b04626. 

Publications using Goeppert’s technology

Transport receptor occupancy in Nuclear Pore Complex mimics, Alessio Fragasso, Hendrik W. de Vries, John Andersson, Eli O. van der Sluis, Erik van der Giessen, Patrick R. Onck, Cees Dekker, doi:, bioRxiv, 2022.

Nanopore electro-osmotic trap for the label-free study of single proteins and their conformations, Sonja Schmid, Pierre Stommer, Hendrik Dietz, Cees Dekker, Nature Nanotechnology, 2021.

Nanopores: a versatile tool to study protein dynamics, Sonja Schmid, Cees Dekker, Essays Biochem 65 (1): 93–107, 2021.

A designer FG-Nup that reconstitutes the selective transport barrier of the nuclear pore complex, Alessio Fragrasso, Hendrik W. de Vries, John Andersson, Eli O. van Der Sluis, Erik van Der Giessen, Andreas Dahlin, Patrick R. Once, Cees Dekker, Nature Communications 12, Article number: 2010, 2021.

Translocation of soft phytoglycogen nanoparticles through solid-state nannochannels, William R. Lenart, Weiwei Kong, William C. Oltjena, Michael. J. A. Hore,  Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 41, 2019!divAbstract

Goeppert cited for its advance in solid state nanopore sensors in the review paper: Recent progress in solid-state nanopores, Kidan Lee, Kyeong-Beom Park, Hyung-Jun Kim, Jae-Seok Yu, Hongsik Chae, Hyun-Mi Kim, Ki-Bum Kim, Advanced Materials 30 (42), 2018.