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The search for a theory of life is one of the fundamental drivers behind the field of exobiology, or the study of life beyond Earth. Indeed, nothing would advance further our understanding of life than finding a second genesis”. – Davila and McKay, 2014

The search for life on Mars is one of the key science goals for ongoing and future NASA missions. This is partly motivated by the evidence of habitable environments early in Martian history (Grotzinger et al. 2015), the possibility of habitable conditions near the polar ice during recent periods of high obliquity (Jakosky et al. 2003), and the presence of fluvial features indicating current flow of salty solutions (Ojha et al. 2015). The most recent Decadal Survey “Visions and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022” by National Research Council emphasizes that “the prime focus of the first high-priority goal for the exploration of Mars in the coming decade is to determine if life is or was present on Mars” (NationalResearchCouncil 2011).